Dress at Downton

All about the costumes of Downton Abbey, and actual clothing from the time it's set.

I generally post in series, and I love suggestions of topics or designers or other stuff that people specifically want to see, just because they want to know or because they're doing research for a fic.

Whenever I post images of extant clothing or fashion plates from museums, I give the full citation with accession number, museum name, title, and date - you just have to click on the picture to see it.

1.01 - April 1912

While Mrs. Hughes isn’t going to hold a candle to any of the upstairs characters, her striped dress isn’t particularly unfashionable.  The slightly raised waistline is characteristic of 1910 or even 1911 - compare to Anna’s low waistline.  And the cut is just plain nicer: the stripes on the sleeves show you, if you squint, that there is shaping in the cut going on there, which takes more time and precision than a gathered rectangle like the girls have.

On a Mad Style-esque note, Mrs. Hughes’s dark dress makes her stand out from the room, while Anna and Gwen are clothed in a color that blends with the walls.  It’s her job to stand apart from them, and it’s their job not to be noticed (especially in the morning).

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