Dress at Downton

All about the costumes of Downton Abbey, and actual clothing from the time it's set.

I generally post in series, and I love suggestions of topics or designers or other stuff that people specifically want to see, just because they want to know or because they're doing research for a fic.

Whenever I post images of extant clothing or fashion plates from museums, I give the full citation with accession number, museum name, title, and date - you just have to click on the picture to see it.

Paul Poiret was quite capable of designing ordinary clothes.  Loose and flowing, these could be worn during the day, if you were wealthy enough to afford them.

The Brique dress (number three) incorporates rayon trimming.  Braid-makers were some of the first to really promote man-made fibers; couturiers did not generally start using them in fabric until the 1930s.

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